Miracle Boy Oil Filtration
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Testing and Durability

Hydraulic filters from Miracle Boy offer superior protection, life, and performance for your hydraulic system.  Miracle Boy's hydraulic filters clean the hydraulic oil from particles, water, acid, oxides, silt and sludge. 
Many of our first customers were high performance hydraulic applications like vibration and durability testing machines, hydrostatic shakers, and hydraulic presses. The Miracle Boy hydraulic filters offered a unique high performance technology that costs less than competition and the same time immediately improved their operation, repairs, and even increased the frequency response of the hydraulic servo valves.

Entela's hydrostatic vibration cube

URC-811 installed on Entela's hydraulic power unit


Hydraulic Testing

Protect your hydraulics

- Please contact Meiji Corporation with your application data and get your system today! Just pay for filters.